iCONTACT Aspheric Clear Lens

iContactaspheric was designed to provide an optimal balance of handling, comfort and vision. The lens has been enhanced with aberration correcting aspheric optics to optimize the overall visual experience and encompasses a design philosophy that addresses the wearer's handling and comfort needs.

Overall Balance
The performance of iContactaspheric has been extensively tested through a range of clinical studies including a 120 patient double masked crossover study where it was compared to ACUVUE2, Biomedics and Frequency55A.

Positive Wearer Preference

The overall balance of iContactaspheric was appreciated by wearers who showed an overwhelming preference for the lens compared to other leading brands. The lens preferred more often for its overall comfort and handling.







Optimising Visual Acuity through Innovative Aspheric Design

iContactaspheric visual acuity is optimized over the power range and the incorporation of aberration correcting aspherics provides wearers with maximum contrast sensitivity, particularly in low illumination where it is needed most.















Optimising Wearer Comfort, Fit & Handling

iContactaspheric peripheral and edge design provides a balance between excellent comfort and assured handling. The comfort and handling of iContactaspheric was preferred by wearers compared to other leading brands. iContactaspheric larger diameter assists in centering the lens on the eye and ensures a wide latitude of fit over a wide range of corneal sizes, providing practitioners with a versatile fitting lens.

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