iCONTACT38cv Clear Lens


The iContact38CV contact lens has been enhanced with a unique combination of blended anterior surface geometry and our tangential back surface design in order to provide a comfortable and trouble free fit over a large range of eyes.

Higher powers are kept to a minimum overall thickness thus maximizing comfort and oxygen transmission to the cornea.


The edge is a blended low edge design, matched to the tangential back surface to ensure that the iContact38CV provides comfort that is unparalleled for a traditional material.

The material choice and design of iContact38CV creates a contact lens that retains its handling properties without sacrificing fit compliance. The modulus of our material is a balance of these two factors and provides a lens which remains comfortable throughout all day wear.

The raw materials used to make this lens are of the utmost purity and our polymerization process ensures that the lens will retain its purity throughout the patient’s wearing schedule.





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